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The Kolkata (Calcutta) Experience – Part 2

Welcome to my second post about my experience in Kolkata, India. For part 2, I’ll be covering the office that I worked out of.

Part 2 – The Office

From the outside, the office looks like any other building in Kolkata, that is, it contains shades of brown, with lashings of black (which I assume is from fire damage, or a complete lack of building maintenance…)

I walked in to the building to what looked like an abandoned government housing building. There was an ancient lift (the kind you see in New York sitcoms), the walls were void of paint, the stair well looked like several pianos had been dropped down it & the windows were barred up and/or smashed.

I walked up a few floors of this until I was struck by the sight of shiny marble. Our ‘guy’ swiped his fancy access card and opened the door to a modern, clean, air conditioned office. (it was 37 degrees celcius & 54% humidity, so this was quite a relief)

At this point I was understandably impressed, there were marketing decals on the walls, glass windows and a waiting room for visitors.

Then we walked in and looked at the workstations, rows upon rows of tightly packed computer cubicles with CRT monitors & a tiny server room that also housed their IT administrator, which I found hilarious, having previously threatened staff with banishment to the server room as a form of repremand. (Jokingly of course…)

We settled in to the spacious boardroom and got to work. Soon enough, we had one of their staff serve us tea, this was the guy’s sole responsibility, to serve tea & water.

Watching him do his job was like watching soil erode, in slow motion. By the time he’d finished pouring the tea, it had gone cold & grown mould, but I must say, the Tea in India is absolutely fantasmagorical. (I’ve never drunk as much tea as I had in India)

All in all, it was an interesting experience. The office was for all intensive purposes, Indian, however it had facilities to accommodate for the visiting Westerner, such as Air Conditioning (although they would be crazy to not have this regardless of visitors), Boardrooms & of course, toilets with Toilet Paper. (oh yeah, did I mention that they use a hose spray gun contraption? – thankfully this is something that I didn’t experience.)


  1. Amazing. Sounds like the whole thing was a great life experience.

  2. MarkSpizer MarkSpizer

    great post as usual!

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