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ProBlogger Training Day Wrap-up (II)

Here comes Part 2 of my write-up on the ProBlogger event, once again, you can read up on all the notes at Kimberley L’s blog.

Presentation 4 – “Monetization” (Yaro Starak)

The fourth presentation was from Yaro Starak, known for his Internet Marketing Blog – Entrepreneur’s Journey, and Blog Mastermind. The presentation answered the million dollar question that most people came to find out – “How do I Monetize my Blog?”. The main argument in this presentation (and the subsequent panel discussion) was that you need to diversify your income streams & experiment with various options, the days of simply chucking up some Adsense code are truly gone. The income streams that will benefit you the most, depend on your niche. The other common theme here was relevancy. In order to make those massive affiliate revenues, you need to link to what you are reviewing in a way that is relevant and not overtly promotional, be honest and if necessary, disclose that you make a ‘small commission’ from sales.

Stand outs / Take-Aways

  • Diversify your income streams.
  • Email marketing can have a massive impact on your affiliate sales & subscriber loyalty

Presentation 5 – Niche Blogging (Collis Ta’eed)

The fifth presentation was by Collis Ta’eed, co-founder of Envato, a network of niche blogs, mostly tech related.

“Collis likes to joke that when it comes to starting websites he has a slight attention deficit disorder.”

This quote from his website,, sums up his approach to blogging (and public speaking) brilliantly. I have had the chance of checking out Envato’s websites previously and even applied for a job once upon a time (I got ‘snapped up’ before I had the chance to attend an interview) and I have to say that I’ve always strongly admired the creativity and stunning design of his blogs. Collis was a breath of fresh air and his approach to blogging was something to be admired, he’s truly the ‘nerd bloggers blogger’.

He delivered both success and failure stories of his blogs, in a way that was relevant to the subject of Niche Blogging. The gist of the presentation was that there is no set approach to a succesful blog and he’s proven that his same approach has produced highly successful blogs and not-so successful blogs, but the main rule was to blog about something that you are passionate about and never give up. Persistence is key.

Stand outs / Take-Aways

  • Persist with what you passionate about, chances are there are many others like you.
  • Experiment with variations of the same thing.
  • Use a variety of empirical results – search rankings, popularity of posts, adsense testing etc.


Overall the day was a complete success, we had a great variety of speakers on all aspects of Blogging. There was sufficient time to ask questions and the presenters were highly approachable. I also got the chance to meet some very interesting people:

Kimberley LThe Value Add
After narrowly missing Kimberley at various @SocialMelb events it was a pleasure to finally meet, albeit briefly!

Darren RowseProBlogger
After following Darren’s blog on and off over the past couple of years, I feel like I’ve been blogging all this time, even though I haven’t been! It was a pleasure to meet Darren and a big thankyou goes out to Darren for organising this event.

Tresna LeeFoodHands
Have previously met Tresna at one of the @SocialMelb events and I’m really excited to see her new blog taking shape.

Ann NolanBabysitter Directory
Ann is a writer and operates various websites.

Gemma CarrGemma Carr Photography
Gemma Carr is a freelance photographer.

Emma Merkas$30 Date Night
It was really great to meet Emma and hear of her success story with her $30 Date Night website. The name speaks for itself.

Whilst the day was a complete success, the only drawback was the Wifi connection completely packing it in, on account of some 140+ people connecting. I hope that we get to see more events like this in the future and I’d love to hear what you all thought of both the content in this article and the event itself (if you were there!).


  1. Great wrap up Brendan. It was great to catch up with you again.

  2. Was nice to see you too Tresna. Love the new blog by the way!

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