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Feedback is king in an agile world

Feedback reduces risk. How you ask?

Feedback from the TEAM reduces SOCIAL RISK

  • Because we value working software over comprehensive documentation, we rely on tacit knowledge. Tacit knowledge goes out the window when your team leave, because they aren’t being heard.
  • When the team aren’t communicating, it opens the door to misinterpretation

Feedback from the CUSTOMER reduces BUSINESS RISK

  • Customer feedback ensures that you’re building the right thing
  • It’s easy to get caught up in the land of politics, stakeholders & experts. Customer feedback reminds you who you’re building software for & keeps them in the discussion.

Feedback from the SYSTEM reduces TECHNICAL RISK

  • It’s really easy to hide technical debt, until it grinds your velocity to a halt. Feedback from the system (automated system, software & integration tests) ensures that issues with the system are visible the moment they occur & can be swiftly dealt with.
  • Non-functional requirements can be difficult to monitor. Wouldn’t it be nice if your system told you when something is on the decline? (i.e. below an acceptable level)
  • Being emergent in the design of your system, requires feedback. Agile assumes little up-front architecture design, so its necessary to know when your design begins to veer off course.

Feedback from the PROCESS reduces DELIVERY risk

  • Frequent feedback of velocity vs release plan is a must. It helps Product Owners discuss likely outcomes with Stakeholders.