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Basic Coaching Questions – An A3 learning cheat sheet

When I first learnt about coaching, it was from reading Lyssa Adkin’s book – Coaching Agile Teams. The book was helpful in trying to understand coaching & even learning a few powerful questions, but I found it difficult to really apply the learnings in practice. It wasn’t until I participated in Lyssa’s course that I learnt through practicing. At the course, we had some coaching questions up on a big sheet of paper and we would read them as we are coaching someone. It made it super simple to learn and practice.

coaching-cheat-sheetSkip ahead to now. I have an awesome Agile Coach intern that I am mentoring and I wanted her to have a similar experience, so I created a simple A3 poster that she could take with her to 1:1 coaching sessions, where she is learning to coach through practice. I think it’s helping, so I figured I would put it up here for anyone to use. Enjoy!

1on1 Coaching Cheatsheet [.docx]

1on1 Coaching Cheatsheet (.pdf – dropbox link)