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Brendan has over 6 years experience in managing digital projects, from developing large, complicated multi-channel platforms to architecting a complete digital strategy, encompassing SEO, Social, Mobile & Web. In recent years, Brendan has used this diverse range of skills to innovate new products by taking the ideas & vision of stakeholders and converting them into a viable product. Brendan is an avid believer in the Lean Startup movement, passionate about Agile & is a certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) & Scrum Master (CSM) Experience: 6 years of experience in IT & the online space, with a unique blend of Management, Strategy, IT, Web Dev, Mobile Dev & Online Marketing.

Facilitating a Mission / Vision Workshop

In other news, I’ve recently switched roles to being a Product Owner. As this is a new team, I tasked myself with creating a mission and vision for the team that we can buy in to and that we can use to set expectations with our stakeholders. This isn’t the first time I’ve conducted such a workshop (last time as an Agile Coach, this time as a PO), so I thought I would share with you how I do it. I’m keen to hear any questions or feedback you might have :) Continue reading Facilitating a Mission / Vision Workshop


A product discovery framework for those that want to Innovate

In October 2014, I coached a (very) cross functional team at Spotify, tasked with discovering what the ideal running experience would be for Spotify’s customers. In less than 3 months, we had defined the minimum product experience needed to differentiate our product in the eyes of our customers and potential customers. Continue reading A product discovery framework for those that want to Innovate


Expectations of Team Members

Friends. I just had the realisation that what started out as me hosting a 45 minute discussion at an internal Leadership Unconference around the topic of “Expectations of Engineers”, subsequently became an internal blog post that I wrote (with the title “Expectations of Team Members”), which eventually became the foundation for how all employees in Tech (600+) can grow their career at Spotify, outside of the typical “become a manager” / ladder approach, not to mention the foundational behaviours we expect from everyone in Tech. I love working for a company where its possible to have such a huge impact, sometimes with something so little, like a conversation-starting blog post! I’ve had a few people ask me to share the original article, so here it is. Continue reading Expectations of Team Members

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