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How to make a branded iPad background

Making an iPad background is tricky, as you have to accommodate for the rotating background, depending on which way you hold the iPad. But never fear, an easy to follow guide is here!

iPad Background PSD
Download iPad Background PSD

1. Create a PSD with 1024 x 1024 resolution. Place guide lines at the 768 marks, both horizontally & vertically. (anything outside of this box will be cropped) To make life easier for all you lazy people out there, you can download my PSD with guidelines on it.

2. Find a cool background that you like & fill the whole 1024 x 1024 space. I got mine from the abstract section of

3. Place your logo in the bottom half of the page, within the 768 x 768 guidelines, remembering that the dock will be at the bottom of the page & the icons at the top.

4. Output to jpg, upload to your iPad and set as your wallpaper. Walla! Here’s a background I made for our iPad:

Branded iPad Background

And here is the resulting screenshots from using it:

iPad Background FINAL (P) iPad Background FINAL (L)